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This square is made of acrylic. This acrylic bowl designs Japanese traditional style Seokai wave (seigaiha). Qinghai wave is an auspicious pattern. Eternity wishes are put in the pattern of the wave that continually spreads everywhere. In addition, like a calm wave, I wish that I can live peacefully forever. ● It is an acrylic cell "masmas" developed as a concept of "a new toast to Japan!" ● Acrylic is more transparent than glass ❶ Transparent, ❷ light, ❸ It is characterized by cracking. Also, since it can be made thinner than wooden bowl, the acrylic cell is 3 mm thick, making it very easy to drink. ● You can shine well not only with sake but also with dishes. ● Japanese traditional patterns and unique designs that are like playful Japanese are expressed by mechanical sculpture and laser engraving by skilled craftsmanship. <Product Details> Size: 71 mm in width, 48.8 mm in depth, 71 mm in depth Capacity: 180 ml Processing method: NC Engraving material: Methacrylic resin Heat resistant temperature: + 80 ° Cooling tolerance temperature: 0 ° Pattern is only two side surfaces . * For long-term use - Please use it once washed with water. If it rubs strongly with a hard sponge etc. it will cause scratches. Please wipe off the water with a soft cloth. · Please do not wipe with thinner and alcohol. · This product is made of acrylic material. Please do not place in places such as near fire such as high temperature. It may cause fire and deformation. - Please put it out of reach of young children. If you drop it or apply excessive shock, be careful as there is a danger of cracking. · If alcohol is put in a cell for a long time, a shape like a crack (crack crack) may occur but there is no problem in use.

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